Wednesday, December 16, 2009




CONGRATULATIONS TO ALBERT D, WINNER OF A TRIP TO IX TAPA, MEXICO, courtesy of Jack Huang and Pasadena's new ix tapa Cantina!

Albert was a persisent player, following along through our blog, FaceBook & Twitter. However, as you can see from the winning card, his name was drawn as a result of his entry via a contest with our partner, the thoughtful daily emails of Urban Daddy ( Our thanks to UD Editor Lonny Pugh, and our sincere CONGRATULATIONS to Albert D! We hope you have a great time in Ix Tapa, the city and the restaurant!

Questions, comments, and invitations to visit Mexican resorts should be sent to DAN@DANCOXPR.COM.

Friday, December 11, 2009


CONGRATULATIONS to our final TWO winners: Ed B & Gabriella DLT! These are the last two lucky souls to be entered into TODAY'S drawing for the FREE VACATION TO THE RESORT TOWN OF IX TAPA, MEXICO! Ed & Gabriella also won Dinner For Two, as well as two "Two 4 One" Coupons" for future visits!

Our sincere thanks to our partners in this ix tapa Grand Opening Sweepstakes, including Urban Daddy, Thrillist, Brent the Mixer Guy, the many local and national media outlets that linked to our blog, the friends & family that attended our Opening Celebration, and the hundreds and hundreds of folks that followed along with us each day via Twitter, FaceBook, and our Blog!


GOOD LUCK TO ALL! We hope to see you at ix tapa Cantina SOON!

Comments? Questions? Want to make sure that I am available to join for the trip to Mexico? Hit me up! DAN@DANCOXPR.COM

Thursday, December 10, 2009




Why will he be calling?

To say "Congratulations! AND, Pack your bags, because you are going to Ix Tapa, Mexico!"

That's right, folks, in less than 24 hours we will have a WINNER!

Last night, a couple of people played this game very well! Congrats to Dom C for winning Dinner For Two. AND, Congrats to Dom C, Lynda S, and Catherine V, who played along with us on both FaceBook and Twitter. Each will have their names thrown into tomorrow's drawing FIVE TIMES as a result! Our final two winners, Lynda & Jennifer will be entered into the drawing once each!

As of this post, the sombrero will have 125 names in the running for the TRIP TO IX TAPA, MEXICO. Your LAST CHANCE TO GET INTO THE DRAWING? That's right, folks, it's tonight!
Tonight, our last night, we draw TWO names only. These TWO random winners will receive
*Dinner For TWO to ix tapa Cantina
*TWO "TWO 4 One" coupons to ix tapa Cantina
*Entered TWO times into the drawing for the TRIP FOR TWO TO MEXICO!
Shoot an email to with the words "TICKET FOR TWO, PLEASE!" IN THE SUBJECT LINE. We will draw the final TWO names at noon TWOmorrow!! You have all night to register as many times as possible...leaving us with 129 total names in the sombrero!
Beginning TWOmorrow, this blog will be linked to the ix tapa Cantina webiste, and will be used to post special events, holiday offerings, catering specials, Daily Happy Hours, promotions, cocktail and menu updates. Please check back often. You never know when we will be giving away another trip...actually, WE DO KNOW...but you'll need to check back to find out for yourself....


Wednesday, December 9, 2009


MEET ix tapa Cantina General Manager, Eddie CienFuegos! He's smiling because he is recently married! He is also the Director of Operations for Jack Huang's mini empire along Colorado Boulevard. Eddie is currently ensconced at ix tapa, welcoming loyal customers from his years at The Conga Room and Villa Sorriso. Congrats on your new family, Mister C - your restaurant family as well as your newly betrothed family!
NOW, on to tonight's little contest! With only tonight and tomorrow remaining to be included in Friday's drawing for the VACATION TO IX TAPA, MEXICO, we will make it as easy to enter as possible! Simply shoot us an email to RSVP@DANCOXPR.COM WITH THE WORD "CIENFUEGOS!!!" IN THE SUBJECT LINE...and we will randomly draw FIVE NAMES to be entered into the drawing, the first name winning "Dinner For Two" at ix tapa Cantina! (There will be clues on FaceBook & Twitter tonight that will dramatically increase your chances of winning! @ixtapaPASADENA)
A special note to Friday's winner: "YES!! I AM AVAILABLE TO JOIN YOU IN IX TAPA!" You may send a personal invitation as well as questions, comments, and dinner suggestions to DAN@DANCOXPR.COM. Good luck, kids!

FROM MISSENSCENE BLOG (Just in case you missed our Grand Opening Party!)

From the lovely CarrieKravetz

(We couldn't copy her nice pics, but we have linked to the original post for your dining enjoyement...)

ix tapa Cantina Opening in Pasadena
December 2, 2009

Last night, I attended the opening of Jack Huang’s newest restaurant-Ix tapa Cantina. The new Mexican eatery found it’s home at 119 E. Colorado Blvd, Pasadena (Arroyo Parkway and Colorado Blvd). Huang owns two other restaurants in Old Town Pasadena; Bar Celona and Villa Sorriso (perhaps most well known as the Italian restaurant that hosted Michael Jackson’s burial reception).

“With ix-tapa Cantina, as with everything he does, Huang has taken a hands-on approach, including choosing the name of the restaurant and hand picking lighting fixtures with architect and designer Sat Gard.”*

Apparently Huang wanted ix tapa Cantina to feel like a real beach joint in Mexico.

“I always want to have that fun factor, and this restaurant feels like a beach resort, which fits into the theme we wanted to carry out,” Huang said in an interview with Pasadena Magazine. I think he did a good job, considering the space is 7500 sq feet, much larger than most Mexican beach restaurants I’ve come across. But, the heavy use of neon, and 90s decor elements definitely helped achieve the look.

How about the food? The buffet style line was already super long by the time I got there. It moved pretty quickly, and the staff was was constantly refilling the food in the chafing dishes. The buffet offered a few items off the menu, like; rice and chorizo beans, chicken mole, beef birria, cheese enchiladas and tacos. I don’t eat red meat, and I rarely eat pork, but I just had to try one of the tacos. I thought the pork taco was amazing–almost as good as the chicken tacos I get from my favorite local taco truck.

I’ve gone to quite a few store and restaurant openings in my day as an entertainment reporter. I thought this opening was super fun. Dan Cox, did a wonderful job with the PR. His use of twitter, was a great way to publicize the restaurant via word of mouth. And the press/bloggers received a special treat from Dan Cox: 3 drink coupons to be used at Bar Celona, or Villa SORRISO, after the opening at ix tapa cantina.

I walked about a block to Bar Celona, where my favorite mixologist, and owner of Neve Luxury Ice Company, Michel Dozois was bartending.

I used my drink tickets to try some fabulous drink concotion. I don’t quite remember what I had, but it had tequila, syrup, bitters and Michel’s ice. Maybe it’s me, but Michel’s ice makes drinks taste better.

Between the welcoming hosts, good food, yummy drinks, I’d say it was pretty fun night. The only thing that could make my impression of ix tapa cantina any better, is if I win that trip to Ix Tapa, Mexico they’re giving away.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

THREE DAYS AND COUNTING and tonight's contest

So, it appears that it is a mere three days until we draw the WINNING NAME for the IX TAPA, MEXICAN VACATION!
There remain TWO WAYS ONLY to have your name included in Friday's drawing: 1) Brent's Gentlemens Pasadena Mixer TONIGHT AT 6PM at ix tapa Cantina will add the first 25 to arrive tonight into the drawing, and 2) become one of the final DAILY WINNERS BEFORE Friday!
Congrats to yesterday's winner, Tony G, who wins Dinner For Two to ix tapa Cantina. Tony's name goes into Friday's drawing, as well, as does Lucindy O. and Agustin O! Good luck!
Today, we return to an old favorite of this blog: The Pics! Shoot a picture to RSVP@DANCOXPR.COM of YOU AT THE BEACH (it doesn't really have to be you, but you will be giving us permission to post it on this blog by if it's not really you, then at least make it a REALLY GOOD PIC! You must include the words "I LOOK GREAT AT THE BEACH!" in the subject line. We will randomly draw from all entries tomorrow morning and CHOOSE TWO LUCKY WINNERS!! Both winners will receive "Dinner For Two to ix tapa Cantina," "Two 2 for 1" coupons to ix tapa Cantina, and both winners will be entered into the drawing for the Mexican resort vacation THIS FRIDAY!

Questions? Bring 'em! DAN@DANCOXPR.COM


Just a reminder:

WE DRAW THE WINNING NAME THIS FRIDAY NIGHT, dec 11, 2009...LIVE AT IX TAPA CANTINA. There are ONLY around 100 names in the sombrero! We will be listing all the names this Thursday, via this blog. If you are one of them, email us at DAN@DANCOXPR.COM ...We'll be happy to buy a Rita or two for you, as we all finally hear the winning name drawn.


The opening of ix tapa Cantina is IN THE NEWS.

From LA Weekly, Amy Scattergood and Jonathan Gold waxed poetic. (Amy thinks our blog is "cute, eh?" And YES, we ARE flattered!).

From the lovely Carrie Kravetz Missenscene blog.

From Mr. T @ NY Mag's Grub Street blog.

"Jack Huang is not only the owner of Pasadena's popular Villa Sorriso and Bar Celona eateries, he is clearly the restaurant-saturated town's favorite pun-meister too. Humor snobs, beware, and dining snobs, rejoice, because Jack's at it again with IX Tapa, his coming cantina that reconquesta'd the Moose McGillycuddy's Pub/Fred's Cantina space on Colorado Blvd....In any case, we rejoice that Pasadena is to have one more non-chain, non-frat heavy location. IX Tapa currently plans to cut ribbon come fall."


"Pasadena restaurateur Jack Huang is a brave man. Not only is he opening a third restaurant next Tuesday amid yesterday's frosty forecast, he's named it Ix-Tapa, reminding our inner old fogies of the various puns put together to slam Ishtar (e.g. "Ishtar ish-tarrible!") Helping us move on, Mr. Huang is giving away a trip to Ix Tapa, Mexico via their Twitter page to celebrate the restaurant's grand-opening. The contest begins today, with prizes like free dinners given away every day until December 11th, when the Mexico trip will be awarded. IX-Tapa will grand-open on Tuesday, December 1st with a private party followed by a public opening at 9 p.m.

Urban Daddy offered up sheer poetry...and invites to our Opening Party for 25, as well as a chance to win our trip to Ix Tapa, Mexico!

"In Mexico, there's a beachside oasis called Ixtapa. Some might call it paradise.And you can find it…in Pasadena.Welcome to ix tapa Cantina, bringing wild nights of tacos, margaritas and dancing to a stretch of road not known for any of those things. The grand opening is Tuesday, right when Thursday's leftovers will run out.This is the kind of place where the sidewalk bleeds into the indoor-outdoor bar, where Watermelon Margaritas and Coconut Mojitos accompany the beautiful Pasadena sunset.And the bar bleeds into the dining room, where you'll start with Roast Corn and Tomato Salad, then move on to the classics—tacos, enchiladas, tequila-lime chicken—and maybe finish up with a Banana Split in a Deep-Fried Tortilla.And beyond that, there's a dance floor with a DJ and sunroof. All the way at the back is a balcony with a view of it all, and a second bar.This is the latest spot from the owners of Bar Celona and Villa Sorriso, both now bustling neighborhood institutions, so it's a safe assumption that this one will be around for a while. And if you're not quite convinced this all holds up to the actual Ixtapa, they're giving away a trip for two to the real thing.But trust us, it's exactly the same. "
ix tapa Cantina, opens this Tuesday, 9pm, 626-304-1000, follow on Twitter for a chance to win prizesUD HOOKUP: The first 25 people to RSVP here will be added to the list for the VIP private party (Dec 1, 6-8pm) and automatically entered into the vacation giveaway.

And, Thrillist opined to the gentlman readers, offering up free dinners to a dozen lucky souls...

Eat: ix tapa
119 E Colorado; Pasadena; 626.304.1000
"This two-story, brightly-colored cantina from the guy behind Bar Celona's bedecked with two bars, a dance floor, and a massive dining room serving up traditional Mex deliciousness like grilled fish tacos w/ red cabbage, cucumber, mango, and cilantro; carnitas w/ guacamole, onions, and cilantro, and a jalapenos/tomato/onion/Veracruz sauce'd grilled red snapper, which firmly believes all fish should control the means of production. The 50-62nd people to email get free dinner for two at the restaurant; there's also a contest for a trip to Mexico and more info at"

From our friends at the Los Angeles Times...

"Two newcomers to the same stretch of Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena's Old Town are Mexican restaurant Ix Tapa Cantina and Peruvian spot Choza Mama. The 7,500-square-foot Ix Tapa has a full bar, DJs, dancing, live entertainment and -- need it be said? -- flat-screen TVs. To facilitate what owner Jack Huang calls the “fun factor,” the restaurant is celebrating its opening with giveaways, such as a drawing for a vacation to Ixtapa, Mexico. Ix Tapa, 119 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, (626) 304-1000; "
-- Betty Hallock

And SO. MUCH. MORE...which we will proudly share with you this week, as we approach our FINAL DAYS UNTIL THE MEXICAN IX TAPA RESORT VACATION HAS BEEN AWARDED on Friday, Dec 11, 2009...LIVE at ix tapa Cantina!!

Thanks for following along! And we do hope to see you at ix tapa soon!!

Press? Hungry? Love a taco? TALK TO US AT DAN@DANCOXPR.COM. AND our most sincere apologies to each writer that is included in this post for the untidy presentation...Blogger simply will NOT cooperate! Please forgive us! We're buying pitchers at the bar!

Monday, December 7, 2009



This weekend all of our prizes winners were chosen exclusively through FaceBook and Twitter!
You can find/friend/follow us @ixtapaPASADENA!
Congrats to our Saturday & Sunday WINNERS!
Dana C, who won Dinner For Two to our sister restaurant, Bar Celona. ( Inspired by the traditional tapas bars of Spain, Bar Celona awakens the flair and party atmosphere of the city that bears its name. Live Spanish music and dancing may often be enjoyed, alongside house made sangrias and a thoughtful offering of authentic small plates and signature paellas. Tapas include “crispy eggplant with honey and spiced yogurt”; “whipped salt cod and potatoes bacalao”; and classic “tortilla Espanola.” The charcuterie bar now offers “pinchos,” tiny bite sized treats to whet the appetite through the cocktail hours.
Mario D, who won Dinner For Two to our Old Town Italian fav, Villa SORRISO! ( Awarded “2009’s Best Outdoor Dining Destination,” Villa SORRISO brings the old world charm of Italy to the doorsteps of Old Town Pasadena. Situated at the western end of the Boulevard, Villa boasts the area’s most luxurious outdoor dining, with a canopy of trees floating above cascading fountains and private cabana suites. The menu of Villa SORRISO was created to please the most discriminating palate, with a large selection of pizzas, pastas, steaks and chops. The expansive bar area hosts the area’s most popular weekend parties and events, with weekday evenings presenting relaxed “rat pack” jazz classics.
Dana & Mario have also been entered into the drawing to WIN A VACATION TO IX TAPA, MEXICO which will be drawn LIVE AT IX TAPA this Friday, Dec 11...let the countdown begin!!
FOUR DAYS AND COUNTING until the Mexican vacation drawing!!!
For the rest of the week, we will draw ONE LUCKY NAME EVERY DAY to win Dinner For Two to Ix Tapa...AND, THREE LUCKY NAMES EVERY DAY to be entered into the drawing for the Mexican vacation (each of whom will receive Two For One Gift Certificates to ix tapa Cantina)!! Which's contest just began....NOWWWWW!
Shoot us an email to RSVP@DANCOXPR.COM with the words "FOUR DAYS AND COUNTING" in the subject line to be entered into today's drawing! Good luck!

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Dec 5th is Prohibition Day! We mock the very idea! Instead, we recommend a Margarita...or a Sangria....Or, better yet, A PITCHER!
Just to remind, we ARE GIVING AWAY PRIZES AND DINNERS EVERY DAY, until Friday Dec 11 when we draw for the Grand Prize Trip to Ix Tapa, Mexico!
All prizes this weekend are via Facebook & Twitter ONLY!
Yesterday, we had THIRTY FOUR WINNERS! Curious as to what they won? Follow or Friend @ ixtapaPASADENA!


Friday, December 4, 2009

CHEF RAUL MERCADO: The Man knows Tacos!!


To recover from our mistake this week, we picked two winners from each day of BRENT THE MIXER GUY give aways!! CONGRATS to KATHY A, MICHAEL K, RON A, and RICK S! You lucky peeps will soon be receiving Dinner For Two Gift Certificates & you have been entered into the Dec 11 drawing for the Free Ix Tapa, Mexico Vacation!
FYI...We will ONLY be giving away prizes this weekend via FaceBook & Twitter! You can find us on both @ixtapaPASADENA!
Margarita, anyone?
Questions? Comments? Contact
(Note: If you were the Bar Celona "anonymous commentor" on this blog, shoot me an email! I'll be happy to take you to dinner and answer all of your questions! Why so anonymous?? :)

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Our friends at Thrillist featured the opening of ix tapa yesterday! As part of their post, ix tapa offered one dozen free "Dinner For Two" Gift Certificates to Thrillist readers. From the HUNDREDS of respondants, the following lucky readers will not only enjoy Dinner For Two at ix tapa Cantina, but their names will be included in the Dec 11 drawing for the TRIP TO IX TAPA, MEXICO!!

Congrats to the following Thrillist readers:
Eva R, Jonathan W, Hansoul K, Delilah M, Brenda O, Sylvia L, Preston H, Joel B, Gary S, Harris H, Andrew P, and Jane PS! Congrats & we look forward to having you as our guests at ix tapa!
Questions? Bring it! DAN@DANCOXPR.COM


First, we made a BIG mistake yesterday! We accidentally left a letter out of our RSVP email address, leaving many of our new followers outta luck. LA Weekly ran a story about our give away, and hundreds of new Thrillist readers arrived...all to find that our email link did not work. Please accept our sincere apologies! In order to be as fair as possible, as well as to give our new followers the chance to win, today we offer a DO-OVER! If you were here yesterday, you might just recognize the following words....


Brent's Mixers are NOTORIOUS for meeting cool people and having a fun night out while doing so! Most of these Gentlemen's Mixers are held on the east side of town, with the Mark's WeHo gatherings now moved to the new Rockwell in Los Feliz. Brent and his gents have long been regulars at Villa SORRISO and Bar Celona, and will be hosting their first gathering at ix tapa on Dec. 8, just dayyyyyyyyyyys before we draw the Grand Prize trip to ix tapa, Mexico. The first 25 guests to arrive at his Dec 8th event (Note: YOU MUST RSVP to TO BE IN THIS DRAWING) will automatically be entered into the drawing for the TRIP TO IX TAPA, MEXICO! How's that for a contest? Show up, have a couple of cocktails, meet some cool people, and win a vacation? Nope...You can't beat it! (Note: This IS a gay men's mixer. And, you can also enter the drawing if you simply continue to read below... :)

For the ix tapa daily give away, our own little contest today plays homage to Brent! At 9pm tonight, we will randomly draw two names from all emails sent to RSVP@DANCOXPR.COM with "BRENT THE MIXER GUY" in the subject line. Each name drawn will win a "Dinner For Two" to ix tapa AND your name will go into the drawing for the trip TWICE!

For questions or complaints about the do-over, please scream at Dan Cox @
DAN@DANCOXPR.COM Note: He is very sorry. But really, all you gotta do is hit the link :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009



Daily Dish. The Los Angeles Times
The inside scoop on food in Los Angeles

New in Old Town: Ix Tapa Cantina and Choza Mama open in Pasadena

December 2, 2009 8:01 am

Two newcomers to the same stretch of Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena's Old Town are Mexican restaurant Ix Tapa Cantina and Peruvian spot Choza Mama.

The 7,500-square-foot Ix Tapa has a full bar, DJs, dancing, live entertainment and -- need it be said? -- flat-screen TVs. To facilitate what owner Jack Huang calls the “fun factor,” the restaurant is celebrating its opening with giveaways, such as a drawing for a vacation to Ixtapa, Mexico.

Ix Tapa, 119 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, (626) 304-1000;
-- Betty Hallock


Our very special thanks to our friends at Thrillist, who ran a profile on the opening of ix tapa TODAY! Twelve lucky readers (out of MORE THAN 300 respondants!!) won "Dinner For Two!" We will be contacting you all via email tomorrow, and hopefully welcoming you into the new restaurant SOON!
Although several hundred friends, family, bloggers, and journalists arrived to celebrate the opening of ix tapa last night, only TWENTY FIVE lucky souls won the "chance" FOR THE TRIP TO IXTAPA MEXICO!
Just a note to all wanna-be-ix tapa-goers, at the time of the drawing NEXT FRIDAY, there will be LESS THAN ONE HUNDRED NAMES IN THE SOMBRERO! So, your chances of winning are pretty good, no? We'll continue playing everyday - we promise all fun, no needless jumping through hoops...We wan't you relaxed and ready for that vacation!!

THANK YOU to everyone that arrived to celebrate with us! And, THANK YOU to ix tapa Chef Raoul Mercado! Opening a new restaurant is difficult, at best. Your guests last night were entertained, well fed, and extremely happy! Take a bow, sir!

Pictures from the event will be posted later this week.

And now, the lucky 25 winners:
Jake A, Sonya S, Linda A, Darryle C, Brenda P, Pituong V, Carina J, Jonette P, Jeffrey M, Jimmy F, James F, Wesley F, Fred S, Jora S, Duke C, Yajaira D, Jaiva LN, Victor S, Tro N, Ryan G, Rather D, Rosie F, John R,and Oni C.
(Note: Only 24 winners...#25 was illegible!! WRITE CLEARLY when there is a trip for grabs!!!)
For more information, contact DAN@DANCOXPR.COM

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Everyone from our Los Angeles and San Francisco offices will be in Pasadena today, welcoming guests & celebrating the Grand Opening of ix tapa Cantina. We will return with more prizes, free dinners, and chances to win the GRAND PRIZE VACATION TO IX TAPA MEXICO on WEDNESDAY. Until then, we bring you the Food & Wine issue of Pasadena magazine, profiling ix tapa owner Jack Huang.

Watch for us to return on Wednesday!! Prizes are BIGGER & BETTER THAN EVER!!

From our friends at PASADENA MAGAZINE

Expanding Empire

With three new restaurants, Jack Huang is transforming Colorado Boulevard
Story by Janeen Christoff
Photos by Orly Olivier

How is it that a Chinese aerospace engineer from Taiwan came to host Michael Jackson’s burial reception at his Italian villa-style restaurant?

Simple: a passion for good food.

Jack Huang, entrepreneur and restaurateur, lives by a simple mantra: eat, drink, play, and have fun.

While he may have started a career in aerospace, restaurants are in his blood.

“I grew up working in restaurants,” says Huang, sitting in his trendy Italian restaurant, Villa SORRISO. “They are in my family.”

Villa SORRISO, Huang’s largest restaurant, is situated at the “entrance” to Old Town Pasadena, at the corner of Pasadena Avenue and Colorado Boulevard.

“Some people used to call this the end, but now everyone thinks of it as the beginning,” says Huang.

The Mediterranean-style villa offers Old World charm with its crackling fire pit, landscaped courtyard and airy dining rooms, the menu is filled with classic Italian favorites, as well as seafood, steaks, chops, and more. Guests can make a night of it, starting with cocktails in the martini bar and lounge and finishing the evening with live music, dancing, and DJs in the privacy of a patio cabana.

Before deciding to open his own restaurant, Huang honed his management skills with Panda Management Company, owners of Panda Inn and Panda Express, for two years, running its workers’ compensation program. Then he and his wife, Karen, had the idea for Wok ’n’ Roll Sushi, and, for nearly eleven years, it was a successful, fun-loving, fusion sushi restaurant where diners could pay homage to their favorite musicians by eating rolls named after music icons including Elvis Presley and Bob Marley. Eighties music blared from the speakers, and there was excitement in the air.

It’s this excitement that spurs Huang to create the next big thing and to tackle the next challenge.

“I am competitive, and I like to provide food in an innovative concept,” says Huang.

With Villa SORRISO, Huang offers a unique take on the supper club, combining a restaurant and bar with a clublike atmosphere. Areas of the restaurant, like the Zebra Lounge and the patio cabanas, offer dining opportunities unlike anywhere else in Pasadena.

“It’s unique,” says Huang. “Every room offers a different feel.”

However, he’s careful to note that, ultimately, it’s all about the food.

“We are a restaurant first,” says Huang. “People are going to love our food.”

This atmosphere carries through to the development of Bar Celona, Huang’s next venture after Villa SORRISO.

Bar Celona opened in SORRISO’s first space, at 46 East Colorado Boulevard. The restaurant is a stylized take on a Modern Spanish tapas bar. Diners can try tapas (small plates) and paella or sip sangria while enjoying flamenco music. The restaurant features patio dining, an exhibition kitchen, live music, and a late-night lounge.

This year Huang has faced a different challenge: the opening of his newest restaurant venture, ix-tapa Cantina, during an economic downturn.

“I am very fortunate,” says Huang. “Pasadena has been very good to me. We are about to own three of the largest restaurants on Colorado Boulevard. We are creating 250 jobs and are looking for opportunities to expand while other places are going out of business.”

With ix-tapa Cantina, as with everything he does, Huang has taken a hands-on approach, including choosing the name of the restaurant and hand picking lighting fixtures with architect and designer Sat Gard. The 7,500-square-foot location, at Arroyo Parkway and Colorado Boulevard, will combine a restaurant, sports bar, and club with Mexican cuisine. “I always want to have that fun factor, and this restaurant feels like a beach resort, which fits into the theme we wanted to carry out,” says Huang.
Now that ix-tapa Cantina is opening soon, Huang is close lipped about what he has in mind for his next venture. However, when you ask him, you can see the wheels churning as he gets a playful look in his eye. It’s sure to be somewhere where people can eat, drink, play, and have fun.

ix tapa Cantina, 119 E. Colorado Blvd, Pasadena

Villa SORRISO, 168 W Colorado Blvd., Pasadena
Bar Celona, 46 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena

For all questions & press inquiries, please contact Dan Cox
DAN COX for public relations
Or, just show up tonight at ix tapa, ask for Dan and say "HELLO!"
We predict good things will happen as a result!