Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Our very special thanks to our friends at Thrillist, who ran a profile on the opening of ix tapa TODAY! Twelve lucky readers (out of MORE THAN 300 respondants!!) won "Dinner For Two!" We will be contacting you all via email tomorrow, and hopefully welcoming you into the new restaurant SOON!
Although several hundred friends, family, bloggers, and journalists arrived to celebrate the opening of ix tapa last night, only TWENTY FIVE lucky souls won the "chance" FOR THE TRIP TO IXTAPA MEXICO!
Just a note to all wanna-be-ix tapa-goers, at the time of the drawing NEXT FRIDAY, there will be LESS THAN ONE HUNDRED NAMES IN THE SOMBRERO! So, your chances of winning are pretty good, no? We'll continue playing everyday - we promise all fun, no needless jumping through hoops...We wan't you relaxed and ready for that vacation!!

THANK YOU to everyone that arrived to celebrate with us! And, THANK YOU to ix tapa Chef Raoul Mercado! Opening a new restaurant is difficult, at best. Your guests last night were entertained, well fed, and extremely happy! Take a bow, sir!

Pictures from the event will be posted later this week.

And now, the lucky 25 winners:
Jake A, Sonya S, Linda A, Darryle C, Brenda P, Pituong V, Carina J, Jonette P, Jeffrey M, Jimmy F, James F, Wesley F, Fred S, Jora S, Duke C, Yajaira D, Jaiva LN, Victor S, Tro N, Ryan G, Rather D, Rosie F, John R,and Oni C.
(Note: Only 24 winners...#25 was illegible!! WRITE CLEARLY when there is a trip for grabs!!!)
For more information, contact DAN@DANCOXPR.COM

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