Wednesday, December 9, 2009


MEET ix tapa Cantina General Manager, Eddie CienFuegos! He's smiling because he is recently married! He is also the Director of Operations for Jack Huang's mini empire along Colorado Boulevard. Eddie is currently ensconced at ix tapa, welcoming loyal customers from his years at The Conga Room and Villa Sorriso. Congrats on your new family, Mister C - your restaurant family as well as your newly betrothed family!
NOW, on to tonight's little contest! With only tonight and tomorrow remaining to be included in Friday's drawing for the VACATION TO IX TAPA, MEXICO, we will make it as easy to enter as possible! Simply shoot us an email to RSVP@DANCOXPR.COM WITH THE WORD "CIENFUEGOS!!!" IN THE SUBJECT LINE...and we will randomly draw FIVE NAMES to be entered into the drawing, the first name winning "Dinner For Two" at ix tapa Cantina! (There will be clues on FaceBook & Twitter tonight that will dramatically increase your chances of winning! @ixtapaPASADENA)
A special note to Friday's winner: "YES!! I AM AVAILABLE TO JOIN YOU IN IX TAPA!" You may send a personal invitation as well as questions, comments, and dinner suggestions to DAN@DANCOXPR.COM. Good luck, kids!

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