Tuesday, December 8, 2009

THREE DAYS AND COUNTING and tonight's contest

So, it appears that it is a mere three days until we draw the WINNING NAME for the IX TAPA, MEXICAN VACATION!
There remain TWO WAYS ONLY to have your name included in Friday's drawing: 1) Brent's Gentlemens Pasadena Mixer TONIGHT AT 6PM at ix tapa Cantina will add the first 25 to arrive tonight into the drawing, and 2) become one of the final DAILY WINNERS BEFORE Friday!
Congrats to yesterday's winner, Tony G, who wins Dinner For Two to ix tapa Cantina. Tony's name goes into Friday's drawing, as well, as does Lucindy O. and Agustin O! Good luck!
Today, we return to an old favorite of this blog: The Pics! Shoot a picture to RSVP@DANCOXPR.COM of YOU AT THE BEACH (it doesn't really have to be you, but you will be giving us permission to post it on this blog by submitting....so if it's not really you, then at least make it a REALLY GOOD PIC! You must include the words "I LOOK GREAT AT THE BEACH!" in the subject line. We will randomly draw from all entries tomorrow morning and CHOOSE TWO LUCKY WINNERS!! Both winners will receive "Dinner For Two to ix tapa Cantina," "Two 2 for 1" coupons to ix tapa Cantina, and both winners will be entered into the drawing for the Mexican resort vacation THIS FRIDAY!

Questions? Bring 'em! DAN@DANCOXPR.COM

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